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Info on the 2023-24 Yearbook:

Dear Mariners and Families,
We have a limited number of yearbooks that we have ordered, which is 400 total copies. If you really want a copy of this custom-made and high quality product, we highly recommend that you use the link below to order your copy at a lowered pre-sale price of $25. If you don’t wish to order online, you can also purchase yearbooks from our student store ! (Cash only).
Please note that only 8th graders can order personalized ads, which are designed by the purchaser(s). Here’s a link to the order form:


Deadline for 8th graders to purchase an add is: 3/15/2024
Deadline to order Books online is 5/15/24


Buy from “,” search for Dana Middle School. (Only 8th graders can purchase personalized ads.)
Pre-sale: $25 from now until 3/15/2024 , $30 from 3/15/24 till 5/15/24.
Adds cost $10 for ¼ page