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Attendance Policy

Students are expected to maintain 96% attendance, or better. Students are therefore expected to not miss more than 6 times in any school year. Prizes are awarded for positive individual and school-wide attendance.
The Attendance Office opens at 7:15 a.m. daily to readmit students who are returning from an absence. Students must plan to clear their absence before the first bell.
Students must bring a note signed by the parent stating the reason, date of the absence, and the parent’s signature and phone number.
We encourage students to pick up the district “absent notes” available in the Attendance Office for use by the parent.
Attendance is taken daily in each period. Students with excessive unclear absences may be considered truant and the parents can be fined by the courts.
To leave the school early for a doctor or dental appointment, bring a note to the Attendance Office before Advisory on the day of your appointment indicating the time you should be excused from school and a telephone number to reach parent