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Expectations & Consequences

Hallway Expectations

  • Walk to the right
  • Keep hands to yourself
  • Consume food/drink outside.
  • Use your "indoor" voice"

Cafeteria Expectations

  • Line up single file
  • Have your PIN memorized
  • Remain Seated
  • Bus your table/throw away your trash

Student Store Expectations

  • Line up single file
  • Respect employees/follow directions 
  • Use appropriate language

Assembly Expectations

  • Walk to the Auditorium quickly and quietly
  • Come to attention when announced
  • Show polite appreciation only
  • Follow directions of adults
  • All school rules apply

Break Time Expectations

  • Food/drink in cafeteria/lunch areas only
  • Stay out of building, hallways, stairs
  • No running, except in approved games
  • No touching, hugging, pushing, fighting